Mission & Vision


To be a dynamic, thriving Catholic parish which utilises the considerable spiritual, intellectual and financial resources, as well as the talents of all of its members to: Propagate the teachings of Christ and the Church Be a haven where parishioner’s spiritual, liturgical and pastoral needs are satisfied in a welcoming, family-oriented, inclusive community that provides support and guidance throughout new life experiences. This is be achieved by aligning individual’s spiritual life with the daily challenges of an increasingly secular world Fully understand the needs of its existing and prospective parishioners Reach out within and beyond the parish to evangelise and be a source of spiritual refuge, care and compassion Promote ecumenism through collaboration with other parishes, Christian faiths and other religions Be seen as professionally managed, theologically and liturgically compliant and an integral part of the Diocese


The Catholic parish of the Immaculate Conception in Rosebank Johannesburg comprises one priest and two deacons, who provide pastoral ministry and leadership through a wide range of parish activities. The parish also includes a very diverse congregation of at least 1400 Catholic families, who adhere to the tenets of their faith to various degrees in a wide catchment area in the northern suburbs. Under the direction of the Diocese, the parish seeks to evangelise by responding to the spiritual and human needs (through catechetics, contextual evangelical mission, education, pastoral work, the sacraments, lay movements and the nurturing of the community) of a predominantly secular, increasingly youthful society, experiencing the challenges of dramatic societal change.

Mass Times

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 06h30

Tuesday and Thursday: 06h30 and 13h00

Wednesday 17h30 to 18h30: Exposition, Adoration and Confession

Saturday: 08h00 and 17h30

Sunday: 08h00, 10h30 and 17h30

Public Holidays: 08h00